Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chai ki Tapri

Employed in an automotive company I travel to my manufacturing plant everyday which is in small town of Pithampur ,some 40 kms away from Indore .The shifts begin as early as 8.00 am and hence my morning if on time starts really early. One day as I waited for a friend of mine with whom I would go to the plant I captured a pic of Chai ka Thela which opens up as early as 7.00am.It is the age of smartphones and the pic was there on facebook in minutes. It had the caption " What would India be without the Chai Tapri" Seriously what would happen if these chaiwalas and chai ki tapris did not exist if we were to speak hypothetically ! The life of the daily office goers would have been of utter monotony.The nation would have been deprived of serious brainstorming which happens over a cutting of chai which you get at the Tapri just across the road.People would have been forced to stay in there cubicles staring at the screens in front of them.No fruitful discussions over the direction of the company wpould take place.And of course action plans and strategies, where would they be discussed ? Whether India is playing with the right team no one would know?And who is getting the next promotion would be anybody's guess?Not that we get answers in these Tapris but still ideas come through. It is the only place where cross functional teams willingly meet in the organisation calmly sipping their Tea some in the glasses and others in " Disposal" ( which is actually disposable) cups . These tapris are an important part of the daily routine of corporate india where discussions take place,fresh informal bonds take shape away from the formal setting of their cubicles. And it is a welcome break away from the claustrophobic enviromment inside Train journeys would have been a little less enjoyable.How different the platforms would have sounded without that typical cry " Chai .. Chai ..Chai "...That is the major part of the experience when you travel by train .The essence would have been lost.And of course I have loved the tea which is served from those aluminium kettles.If lucky you would still get it in Kulhads. Tapris are an important aspect of any college.Every college has its typical chaiwaala where you would have your "khaata" running.If required he would serve you the tea in your hostel room and the amount is just added againist your name if you wish.You take away the chaiwaalas and this convenience is gone.No credits.Also this is where the discussions happen again.Who is hot and who is not is concluded? At times it is serious regarding the studies ? Most of the time it is pure non sensical and friendly banter. These tapris are the meeting grounds for millions across this country .There are no codes involved .Whether you are a pedestrian or owner of a BMW you just need to stop at one of thes and you would be assured ek cuuting chai in a matter of minutes! If you are lucky it might have some ginger and tulsi and would taste really awesome !! These tapris are the Starbucks of India with no need of branding and marketing !

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